Cleaning Chemicals That Work

Midwest Cleaning Solutions manufactures a full line of chemical cleaners, soaps, detergents, waxes, and foams for truck washes, cleaning and washing cars, Bakken oil-field equipment, fleets, buses, and mobile washes in Oto.

Truck Wash

Midwest Cleaning Solutions manufactures a professional strength line of truck and fleet washing detergents and aluminum brighteners for touchless cleaning.


touchless car wash cleaning soaps

Car Washes

Our complete line of professional car care products are the best in the industry, including low and high pH presoaks, foam detergents, drying agents, triple foams, clear coat sealers and protectants, tire and wheel cleaners.


oil field cleaning chemicals

Industrial Cleaners

Our industrial cleaning chemicals tackle the toughest greases, grime and ordinary soiling for all types of environments.


The Best Truck Wash, Oil Field Degreasers, and Car Wash Detergents in Oto

Selecting a company to work with for your truck, industrial or car wash detergent can be tough. With so many options, technical and application support is often your top priority.

At Midwest Cleaning Solutions, not only do we engineer the best custom cleaning chemicals on the market, but we pair our expert chemical knowledge with our customer’s specific applications to create the best product and solution for you!

Let us help you choose the right chemical for your needs.

semi truck pressure wash

Best Products. Best Value.

We are able to meet our customers’ needs quickly based on cost efficiency and quality. Our customers get the most chemistry for their money.

We have a 100% guarantee on our chemicals! We will replace your drum or refund your money (even if you use the whole drum) if you are not satisfied.

Great Customer Support.

We provide technical and equipment support on all of our cleaning products.

We have an extensive knowledge base that can help our customers streamline their cleaning processes and reduce waste, reduce labor, while helping them achieve a cleaner, more efficient, end product.

We maintain a close relationship with our customers through weekly and monthly delivery service to their facilities. We can provide basic machine maintenance and replacement parts. We can also customize the chemical formulations for precise cleaning specifications for our customers.

We have created applications for customers all around the United States. No cleaning situation is identical and we are able to meet the needs of a diverse client base, with our diverse line of premium, yet economical, cleaning products.

See Our Chemicals at Work!

Made in the Midwest.
Shipping Anywhere in the United States.

All of our products are engineered 100% in-house in our family-owned Canton, South Dakota facility. That gives us a technical understanding of their ingredients and cleaning performance (and limitations), how they will react with all semi-trucks and vehicles, and how they benefit our customers.

Our products are able to be shipped anywhere in Oto and the Continental U.S.

Our Product Line Includes:

  • High pH Presoaks
  • Low pH Presoaks
  • Foaming/Lubricating Detergents
  • Triple Foams
  • Drying Agents
  • Clear Coat Protectants
  • Aluminum Brightener
  • Polished Aluminum Cleaner
  • Alkaline Degreasers and Debuggers
  • Crude Oil/ Asphalt Remover
  • Concrete and Fly Ash Remover
  • Mobile Truck Washes


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